Finalization of unfinished projects
If during the implementation of the Internet project you had to resign from the company that created it or the company that created it, you can contact us to complete it. An experienced team allows the implementation of projects that have been abandoned by unreliable or incompetent contractors.
Virus removal of WWW pages
Are you the victim of an attack? Do you have your website in CMS Joomla or Wordpress?
Migration and website updates
Do you have an outdated CMS Joomla or WordPress? Do plugins and plugins on the site need updating?
Changing the page template to responsive
Is your website displaying poorly on mobile devices? Do customers complain about the illegibility of the site?
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E-commerce for the producer

We have created a complete e-commerce funnel for ZPU Familia, a manufacturer of bathroom dryers, consisting of an advertising campaign, company website, online store for wholesalers and retailers. We have also launched sales on the Amazon platform.
We support the development of SAAS projects
We will implement a full marketing funnel for you to increase the effectiveness of your sales activities.
We have created a proprietary solution for creating a marketing funnel, which is characterized by high conversion efficiency after product webinar. The entire sales process is focused around solving customer needs. Thanks to this, the client is convinced that this is what his business requires, which significantly reduces the time to acquire a client and reduces advertising costs.