What is Google AdWords?

AdWords is an advertisement system of the Google search engine which, in return for a certain fee, allows you to display advertisements of your products/services that match the user’s queries. Google AdWords is a very effective method of reaching your prospects.An advertisement in Google AdWords is like instant website positioning. The place which the link to your website will occupy depends on many variables i.e. on how many people access your website, content level of the website, keywords matching and a set cost per click. Entrusting your AdWords advertising campaign to RAV.PL you can be absolutely sure that we will polish all the elements in order for your prospects to see your products/services and to bring you ROI as soon as possible.

Google AdWords Advertising with RAV.PL means:

  • Reaching a specific target group. Only interested customers.
  • Achieving maximum Google AdWords efficiency
  • Achieving an optimum CTR (click through rate, or "clickability" factor).
  • Various strategies, perfectly adapted to the type and sector of your activity.
  • Monitoring the return on investment.
  • Instant response to any product changes or offer alterations.

The activities of RAV.PL lead to measurable effects consisting in the maximum increase of the efficiency of advertising and optimum cost reduction!

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Our experts have been managing and conducting Google AdWords advertising campaigns since 2006. 

Long-term experience of RAV.PL specialists in the following sectors: IT, media, advertising and marketing, along with their numerous successes supported by an extensive portfolio and a large number of positive recommendations will allow your company to become an industry leader.