Effective Digital PR builds the competitive advantage of your company.

Nearly everybody is aware of the need to create and maintain a positive image - from politicians, so-called celebrities, to public companies and institutions. The positive image is their image that is created in the minds of the audience. Positive image of companies or products has a measurable influence e.g. on the company's listings on the stock exchange or on the level of sales of products or services, as in the saying "fine feathers make fine birds". The growing popularity of the Internet and the resulting emergence of new media led to the creation of a new category in Public Relations – Digital PR.

What is Digital PR?

It is a modern variety of Public Relations that enables to build a positive image of brands/companies on the Internet with use of new media. Thanks to the application of this method, potential customers of our company will find only such information that create a positive image of it on the Internet, while any negative information, such as that created by competition, is being supplanted by it.

What are the advantages of Digital PR?

  •  competitive advantage, as it is your company that is being talked about, not the competition
  •  creation of a positive image of products and services that leads to a measurable increase in sales
  •  opinion building in 90% of Internet users who look for information about the company or product
  •  positive message related to the company or product is maintained for a long time

What do we offer?

  •   Implementation of modern PR projects with use of all, co-operating marketing channels in the IT sector.
  •  The application of innovative tools and control over the process of achieving goals.
  •  SEO PR, i.e. SEO positioning enhanced by content that subconsciously improves the image.
  •  Professional neutralisation of negative opinions about the company on the Internet.  Advanced word-of-mouth marketing.
  •  Digital publicity (increasing the reclame and popularity on the Internet).
  •   Acting as a spokesperson of the company and the organisation of public events.

Do not wait any longer. Entrust the care about the image of your company to the experts from RAV.PL. Our long-term experience in the media and IT sector will make you completely satisfied with the created positive image of your company and increased recognisability.


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