What is it?

It is a modern form of marketing that uses the Internet and websites as communication channels.

What are the advantages?

It ensures a competitive advantage over traditional advertising, because:

  • it gives the opportunity to publish information and content immediately, regardless of the time or location,
  • it ensures increased efficiency of the advertiser's investment because it allows adapting the commercials to the content of websites.

  One of the tools used in e-mail marketing is the newsletter. But it brings results only if it is prepared and distributed by experts!!!

An efficient newsletter is incredibly difficult to achieve, but the results that it brings are worth every effort and expense. At the moment, 97 percent of Internet users use free e-mail accounts, which means that they are exposed to continuous attacks of spam and obtrusive marketing information. It is highly difficult to break through the wall of unwanted, unsolicited emails received every day. Only specialists can make the recipient believe that the given piece of news is worth their attention.

The implementation of an RAV.PL newsletter is the best investment for your company!

 What do we offer?

  • Implementation of marketing activities that will efficiently remind Internet users about your newsletter.
  • The creation of the content and graphic layout of the message.
  • The creation of a professional database of customers and of people interested or connected with the given sector.
  • Editing and effective distribution of the newsletter.
  • Optimisation and adding innovative modules to the website of your company, to support the newsletter.

We know every newsletter distribution system!!! We will select such model that will be perfectly adapted to the needs and potential of your company and we will prepare advertising content using the language of persuasion. RAV.PL will give you a tool that will allow you to decide on your own when your customers will contact you asking for detailed offers. 

Find out how experts can make the simplest solutions work. Call us at +48 501 075 753 or use the contact form to arrange a meeting free of charge!!!

A professional newsletter is the source of unlimited opportunities!