What are optimisation and positioning?

The optimisation of a website is a series of actions aimed at the increase of: the efficiency of message, the facility of reception and the accessibility of the website for search engines. Thus, it refers to most of the activities belonging to the areas of webmastering and copywriting – from the improvement of the website code, through adequate placement of tools to editing the content for the purpose of SEO.

Positioning refers to achieving the highest possible position in lists of search results for a given keyword. Optimisation and positioning are absolutely interrelated, although these services are often offered separately. Achieving the maximum results is possible only in the event if one company takes care of both aspects. 

The higher [the position], the more effective for the company! 

 As many as 99 per cent of Internet users never look further than the first page of Google search results.
Even the best website and the perfect offer will not bring any results if the website is not listed at a high position. 82 per cent of Internet users choose companies, whose websites are listed in the top three positions of Google search results. A further 17 per cent of Internet users never look further than the first page of search results.

 Thus, what matters, are 10 top positions plus those listed within paid AdWords advertising.

The optimisation of your website with RAV.PL is a guarantee of success, consisting of:

  • An increased number of visits on the website;
  • Correct display of the offer on the page;
  • Improvement of the web usability of the website;
  • Enhancement of the layout and editing the content of the website, which increases the persuasion and improves the indexation of the website by Google.
  • Testing the effectiveness of the website and immediate removal of any defects;
  • Top positions of your website in Google and other search engines;
  • Ability to find the desired content on the website in an easy, intuitive manner.

Even a small modification can lead to a significant increase in the number of orders!
The application of advanced IT tools and years of experience will allow our experts to analyse the effectiveness of the website and to find all elements that require improvement, replacement or removal immediately.

Take care of your company's website and allow it to bring fair profits and to increase the recognisability of your brand on the Internet!

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