What is media convergence?

 All carriers of information, including also carriers of marketing information have recently undergone a radical transformation, which scientists describe with use of the term "media convergence". The traditional distinction between: the press, the radio, television, billboards and the Internet has disappeared. All these carriers are interconnected creating a single, integrated entity. People do not just listen to the radio any more, but they can also watch live broadcasts from the studio on the Internet or on TV. Television shows are made available on the Internet, and billboards do not only communicate their messages in the streets but they appear when we enter nearly every website.

How did this happen?
The main reason was the modernisation of communication techniques and the tools for reception, the emergence of multi-functional mobile phones, television sets, personal computers etc. The breakthrough in "online" communication was caused by social media, including: Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc. They made the so-called "Arab spring", in Tunisia or Egypt, possible. Social media are still more often used as an additional, relatively cheap channel for marketing or Public Relations communication. The number of Facebook users, for example, amounts to several billion. This is why nearly every company, institution or organisation has its profile not only in one, but in several social portals.

Media convergence has also "imposed" the necessity for synergy of various marketing communication channels, including classical ones and those referred to as e-marketing. The main goal was (and still is) to create a fully integrated environment, i.e. such environment, where changes in one marketing channel lead to immediate response in another channel and, ultimately, in all subsequent channels.

 What do we offer in the field of synergy of marketing channels?

  • The integration of your website with social media portals (incl.  YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Blip, Dig, etc.).
  • Promotional campaigns on official social media profiles and fan pages.
  • Creating a communication strategy and diversification of advertisement, perfectly adapted to your industry.
  • Creating the image of the company as a leader in the given business sector with use of modern tools and innovative techniques.
  • Obtaining media sponsors and maintaining a press office.
  • Loyalty and partnership programmes.

The team of seasoned experts from RAV.PL will guarantee a perfect combination of all marketing channels, rapid response to changes and immediate introduction of any modifications. Already 370 institutions and companies have trusted us. Join them!!!

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